Transportation :

Since the establishment of the company and the transportation service, it is the cornerstone of it and the most important activity of the company after customs clearance. For our services to be truly integrated, then we must provide the transportation service for the goods that are cleared by us, as we harness our transportation fleet to transport the goods of our customers only.

The company's transportation department is managed by competent officials with long and highly professional experience and through a fleet of modern and secure trucks equipped with high-tech follow-up systems that work around the clock to deliver goods to customer warehouses on schedule. In addition to the presence of large yards for support and storage equipped with the full required equipment with high maintenance services, which contributed to the company being one of the largest specialized transport companies in the Kingdom.

Upload and Download Arenas :

Our yards near the ports are what distinguish our company in providing integrated services to our customers to provide equipment, cranes and labor specialized in handling and storing goods and containers in both Riyadh and Dammam.

The main idea of these arenas is to leave the goods out of the ports in a rapid manner in order to avoid customs floors, especially for large shipments, download and store them in our arenas, and then transport them to our customers in an easy and easy way and work through this service to provide the following services: